Paper Awards

IRKM intern James Hong from Monta Vista High School is among Intel Science Talent Search 2012 SemiFinal List for his report "Google Search Engine Result-Based Semantic Similarity: For Evaluating Chinglish and Chinese-English Machine Translation" [news]

IRKM Ph.D. student Jian Wang received Best Short Paper Award at ACM RecSys (Recommender Systems) 2011   for her paper "Utilizing Related Product for Post-Purchase Recommendation in E-commerce" [News]

IRKM Ph.D. student Sarah Tyler is the Best Paper Finalist in the Third ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM '10) for her paper "Large Scale Quer Log Analysis for Refinding

IRKM faculty Yi Zhang received Best Paper Award at ACM SIGIR 2002 for her paper "Novelty and Redundancy Detection in Adaptive Filtering"  

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