Required courses: IRKM graduate students must take the following courses (each course could be replaced with a similar course after discussion with your advisor)


Non linear programming,


AMS206 Bayesian Statistics


CMPS242 Machine Learning


CMPS201 Analysis of Algorithms


ISM260 Information Retrieval


ISM245 Data Mining


Recommended courses


AMS221 Bayesian Decision Theory


ISM206 Optimization


CMPE285 Technical Writing


AMS241 Bayesian Nonparametric Methods


Other courses in AMS,

You can also take courses in other UC Campues if needed. Please discuss with Yi about this.


Also, please learn outside your classroom at


Videolectures: CS


VIdeolectures: Statistics


MIT Free Online Courses


Mathematics for Engineers


Recommended readings:


How to be a Good Graduate Student / Advisor?


Hammin on You and Your Research
Giving a talk 2
Writing Technical Articles
Writing CS papers
Recommended readings for IR students


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