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How to get administrator's right on your machine


If you are on windows OS, you can get administrator's right by filling out the sudo/admin form, which is available in Baskin Engineering room 310 and which is also available at the following link: . You need Yi to sign the form.


If you are on linux OS, your machine will be removed from normal SOE network if you have an administator's righg. It is not recommended because you won't be able to access many SOE computing resources.

How to use Hadoop on irkm-*.cse

irkm-1 is the master node of the whole irkm-* cluster. The other machines (irkm-2 to irkm-6) serve as the slave machine.
If it is the first time that you use it, you need to format the namenode:
- log to irkm-1
- cd /home/tmp/hadoop
- bin/hadoop namenode -format
Then you can use the cluster by logging into any machine in the cluster. The hadoop is installed under /home/tmp/hadoop/.
The test program you can try is to count term frequencies for docs in /tmp/gutenberg:
- bin/hadoop dfs -copyFromLocal /tmp/gutenberg gutenberg
- bin/hadoop jar hadoop-0.19.2-examples.jar wordcount gutenberg gutenberg-output


Some useful tutorials can be found online, such as the following ones:

Developing an application?

  1. Reqest SOE VM servers as your development and QA servers
  2. Request VM servers from IRKMLab  as your production servers (talk with Yi)

Check list before the quarter ends (this usually applies to research students)

  1. Submit the end of quarter Ph.D./M.S. statement (
  2. Submit the technical report for your independent study or thesis study
  3. Sign up for independent study for the next quarter (get form from Tracie Tucker)


Paper Management (SVN etc.)

Papers can be collaboratively written by checking them into SVN. The shared project on is irkmpaper.

svn checkout --username developername

The name you chose when creating your account at is both developername and yourdirectory. It is suggested that you use your SOE login. Once your gforge account is created email Yi so that you can be added to the irkmpaper project.

A suggested Windows GUI client is Tortoise SVN.

Old papers may be available under CVS with CVSROOT /project/irkm/cvs/yourdirectory

Useful URLs For User Studies


Travel (attending a conference sponsored by UCSC)

By default, we sponsor trips for the first author to present an oral full paper in top tier conferences in IRKM area. Talk with your advisor before you travel to see whether your trip will be reimbused.

Register for insurance before you go

Follow the UCSC rules, otherwise your cost might not be reimbused

How to get reimbursed (food, travel, etc.)


Get signiture from Yi, and submit the signed forms to Gisela Richards, BE-333

For food etc (

For conference travel ( Read the guide here

For other staff ( Direct Pay form


Important: due to the federal funding requirement, you must use an US airline for most of your travel


Try to get a quota from UCLA travel agent before using other agencies