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IRKM Paper Reading Day


Jian: Towards a Theory Model for Product Search (www2011), Predicting consumer behavior with Web search 

Sarah: Diversifying search results of controversial queriesEntropy of Search Logs: How Hard is Search? With Personalization? With Backoff?




Shawn: In search of quality in crowdsourcing for search engine evaluation, Future directions in learning to rank, Yahoo! Learning to Rank Challenge Overview (bonus)


2011-2012 (Birthday seminar: , E2-475)

Nov. 3 Aaron (12:30pm Oct. 5)

Dec. 1, Jian Wang (1pm Oct. 1)

Dec. 7, Sarah Tyler (11am, Dec. 7)

Feb. 23, Yi Zhang

Mar. 12, YunFei Chen

Mar. 19, Lanbo Zhang


Spring 2011 3pm-4pm E2-475

Week 1

Week 2 TREC (Qianli qxing@soe)

Week 3 SIGIR 2010 Review (Lanbo lanbo@soe)

Week 4 NLP for IR (Aaron amichelo@soe)

Week 5 Jian 

Week 6 Lanbo

Week 7 Qianli

Week 8 Aaron

Week 9 Qi

Week 10 Trust-based Search and Recommender Systems in a Networked Marketplace. Dr. Neel Sundaresan, EBAY Research (11:30am, Simularium. E2-180)


Fall 2010

Oct 6 Wed. 10:30-1:30 E2-475

10:30-10:40: introduction

10:40-11:00: Lanbo Zhang

11:00-11:20: Sarah Tyler

11:20-11:40:  Qianli Xing

11:40-12:10: Shawn Wolf: Multiple Aspect Information Retrieval

12:10-12:30: Jiazhong Nie

12:30-12:40: Break, Lunch will be provided

12:40-1:00: Jian Wang

1:00-1:30: Xiaoou Li





Spring 2010

Week 2: NIPS Review (Jiazhong)

Week 3: WSDM review (Sarah)

Week 4: Large scale machine learning (optimizating algorithms: Mario & Rob: stochastic gradient descent, online learning, conjugrate gradient descent, variational methods, message passing)

Week 5: Large scale machine learning (Mapreduce, RPC, GPU etc. Lanbo)

Week 6: Marketing research related to recommender systems (Jian & Tao)

Week 7: Research presentation (Sarah)

Week 8: Research presentation (Jiazhong)

Week 9: Research presentation (Jian, Shawn)

Week 10: Research presentation (Lanbo)



Fall 2009 (10:00am - 11:00am Tuesday, E2-475)

Week 2: How to write a research paper No Meeting (TIM Graduate Researc h Symposiumn)
Week 3: Sarah Tyler (Innovator and Lagger)
Week 4: No meeting
Week 5: Yi Zhang (Probabilistic Latent Relational Models)
Week 6: Jian Wang (Hadoop); Jessica Gronski (Feedback from Doctor's symposium)
Week 7: Yi Zhang (RecSys review)
Week 8: No meeting (TREC)

Week 9: Yize Li; Lanbo (TREC review)

Week 10: Xing Xing; Lanbo


summer 2009 (E2-475, 12pm-2pm Tuesday, Pizza)

Note to presentor: please email irkm-lab mailing list the papers you will discuss by Saturday. Please upload your presentation slides here. Here is a guidance for reading other's paper

Past Topics to review in winter/spring 2009 (E2-475, 12pm-1pm, Pizza)

  • Jan. 29, Matrix facotrization, probabilistic latent models (Yize Li, Lanbo Zhang)
  • Feb. 5, Transfer learning, multi-task learning(Jiazhong Nie)
  • Feb. 12, Personalized Information Retrieval (Shihn-Yuarn Chen)
  • Feb. 19, Recent advance in recommender systems (Sarah)
  • Feb. 26 Database seminar: Personalization: One "ring" does not rule them all Georgia Koutrika from Stanford (Thursday, 12:00-1:00 pm, at E2 398.)(
  • IR Evaluation (Ian)
  • March 5, Retrieval in the context of the semantic web (Jessica Gronski)
  • WWW 2009 Review (Yize, June 30)
  • Active Learning, Interactive information retrieval (Lanbo, July 7)
  • Recent advance in NLP for IR (text learning, beyond bag of words model, Question Answer, etc.) (Jiazhong, Jadiel?, July 14)
  • Contextual informaiton retrieval (Xing Xing, July 28)